We also offer guided tours designed for visitors who would like an alternative to the ‘classic walking tour’ or who have a special interest in a particular aspect of the city’s cultural and historical riches.


Examples of alternative tours include:

1. Museums

2. Palaces and villas

3. Churches and sacred places

4. Florence's gems

5. Typical crafts and products


We also propose guided tours to the temporary exhibitions in Florence, to see them check the news! 

The cooperation  with guides experienced in the education field allows us to propose activities and tours fit for children


Secret walks:

- Corridoio Vasariano

- Giardino Torrigiani, classic Italian-style garden in the heart of the Oltrarno area and the Baccani tower.

- Collezione Corsini, in a stunning baroque palace, a beautiful cave and one of the most important private painting collections.


Other routes:

- on the trails of the ancient city (Fiesole and Firenze), from the Etruscans to the Romans.

- the Medieval/Renaissance/Mannerist/Baroque Florence.

- the art of sculpture at the time of the Renaissance, from the collections of ancient statues in the Archaeological and Uffizi Museums, to a visit in the laboratory of the Opera of the Duomo e delle Pietre Dure and a visit of the Bargello Museum and the Galleria dell'Accademia.