The Hidden treasures of the most beautiful Noble Palaces of Florence (place and choice to be made with the guide).

1. Museo di Casa Martelli: A fascinating casket containing to this day important and yet almost unknown artworks, Palazzo Martelli reveals to its public the ground floor rooms, the elegant stairs, the magnificent paintings’ gallery with the noble floor rooms, the yellow and red halls, the chapel, the ball room.

2. The Poggio Imperiale Villa: in a dominant position on the Viale dei Colli, not far from Arcetri, this villa lets the viewer admire the large scale baroque and neoclassic works made, and more importantly allows to get to know better two female figures with a great importance on the Medici family history.

3. The Medici villas in the province of Florence: Villa La Petraia, Villa di Castello, Villa di Poggio a Caiano, Villa di Cerreto Guidi, Villa di aritmino, Villa di Careggi etc. This villas, forgotten by mass tourism, offer treasures and historical curiosities just waiting to be discovered.