Here are a few proposals regarding famous, but also less famous, churches and sanctuaries.

1. San Lorenzo church and Cappelle Medicee: San Lorenzo, former cathedral of Florence since the early times of Christianity, is today known worldwide as the burial place of the Medici family. It is possible to admire priceless frescoes and paintings of renowned artists, along with the Medici Chapels and the Princes’ Chapel. In the San Lorenzo spaces is included the Biblioteca Laurenziana (Lorenzo’s Library).

2. Santa Croce church: heart of the Franciscan order in the city, the Santa Croce church is one of the most famous and visited in Florence. Enrichened by a number of frescoes by Giotto and funerary monuments by the most famous Italian masters, it is known as “The Greats’ Mausoleum”, being the burial place of world famous figures such as Michelangelo Buonarroti, Nicolò Machiavelli, and Galileo Galilei, to name a few.

3. Santa Maria Novella church: the Dominican center in Florence is home within its huge monastery of some incredible works, among which one can find a Giotto Crucifix, a Holy Trinity by Masaccio and a series of frescoes by Paolo Uccello.

4. Certosa del Galluzzo: a visit to the immense Cistercian building just outside Florence, which hosts a number of interesting things, as the Acciaioli tombs or Pontormo’s frescoes.

5. Santissima Annunziata church: just a few steps from the Duomo, the church symbol of the Serviti order reveals to the visitor its 1500’s art with the Vows’ Cloister and the San Luca Chapel.

6. The Israelite Temple: the imposing Moorish-style building offers the chance to get in touch or deepen one’s knowledge of Jewish culture in a charming environment, both on the outside with its exotic plants and inside with the museum narrating the history of the Florentine Jewish community.

7. The Rucellai Chapel: this small temple by Leon Battista Alberti is a real jewel, hidden and unknown to most. It consists of a building made for the Rucellai family, repeating in scale the Jerusalem temple, with a decoration full of symbolic marble inlays.