1. Discover the Neighbourhood: the choice is made together with the guide; some proposals: the San Lorenzo neighbourhood: where ancient and modern meet; the Oltrarno neighbourhood: between sacred, magnificent and local productions.

2. Theatres: Only a few know about the importance of theatre in the history of the city of Florence; as a matter of fact, here is where “acting while singing”, or Opera as it is known nowadays, was born. The visit is an authentic journey in the oldest and most interesting theatres in Florence, such as Teatro Niccolini or Teatro della Pergola.

3. Gardens: the itinerary aims to follow the evolution of the idea of garden, from the Botanical Garden to Italian-style and English-style Gardens, walking through the parks of Florence, full of history and art, but also worthy of scientific interest.

4. Markets: a trip to discover the tastes of typical Tuscan products, in buildings of great architectural interest like the San Lorenzo Market, beautiful example of 19th century architecture with iron. It is possible to schedule tastings.

5. The most beautiful libraries in Florence: the richness of florentine libraries usually eludes the attention of tourists, but in fact Florence is the center of the preservation of the Italian bibliographic wealth thanks to the Central National Library, the most important library in Italy. In addition to that, Florence is home to many historical libraries with a high scenographic impact like the Marucelliana Library, the renowned Laurenziana Library, hosted in the San Lorenzo buildings and authored by Michelangelo, or the San Marco Library, this one by Michelozzo, which hosts various manuscripts.