This walk presents itself as a journey to discover a lesser-known Florence, the one of small, hidden laboratories and the craftsmen keeping alive generations-old traditions.

Our proposals comprehend a visit to the San Frediano neighbourhood, with its historical shops, getting to know productions like metal fusion and watercolors, and other places embodying like no other Florence such as the Pharmaceutical Perfume Workshop in Santa Maria Novella or the Leather school in Santa Croce.

Both are very impressive environments, in particular the Perfume Workshop, active since the 17th century, rich with frescoes and where everything, from the scents to the atmosphere, seems to come from a time since gone.

Another production worthy of note is the art of the Florentine mosaic, an inlay with precious and semi-precious stones which finds its climax in the Princes’ Chapel in San Lorenzo.

Visits in artisanal laboratories are also planned.